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Russian-Arab Business Dialogue during INNOPROM Exhibition July 18, 2014

Russian-Arab Business Dialogue during INNOPROM Exhibition

Russian-Arab Business Dialogue was held as part of the business program of the international industrial exhibition "Innoprom" on June 11, 2014. It was attended by prominent representatives of Russian and Arab official and business circles, including Chairman of the Association of Exporters of Morocco ASMEX, Chairman of the Moroccan-Russian business Council Hassan Sentissi; Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Algerian Business Council V.A.Mazhukin; Deputy Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Sverdlovsk region V.Yu.Solovarov; Former member of the Advisory Council (Majlis al-Shura), the Government of Saudi Arabia, Osama al-Kurdi; Vice-president of the MOAO Group, Chairman of the Mauritanian-Russian Business Council Mohammad Sheriff. The meeting was moderated by the Director-General of the Russian-Arab Business Council Stanislav Yankovets.

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